Specialty Care

Specialty Care

Oral Surgery

We are able to perform minor oral surgery at our office. For these procedures, we offer excellent anesthesia and pain management options. Our staff works to make certain you feel confident prior to the procedure and comfortable after. Should you require complex surgery, we will refer you to an area specialist.

Root Canals

Root canals are usually necessary when a cavity is too deep, or if there is trauma to the tooth. We always try to save our natural teeth but every patient is different. Should a root canal be necessary, we will refer you in the right direction. We work with some very talented specialists in our area!

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease is a major medical concern. Those who have it are more prone to heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. In general, this is seen in adult patients, though it can sometimes present in children. We offer deep cleanings to address periodontal disease. After this cleaning, patients must come in three to four times a year rather than two, allowing us to ensure their gums and bones stay healthy. Should you have advanced disease, we will refer you to an area specialist.